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Maple’s Story

On a freezing cold day in March 2018, two kind souls found a nearly frozen cat lying in a nearby parking lot and brought her to our clinic for help. This poor older cat was emaciated and full of fleas.  While contemplating doing a humane euthanasia, Betty offered her some treats and she gobbled them up!

Our team decided to warm her up and treat her for fleas, and upon further examination we found clear signs of mistreatment and arthritis.  We treated her allergies and pain, and even ended up performing surgery to remove pellets buried in her knee. We all wanted to give this sweet girl a fighting chance at a good life, and considering all that she’d been through and her fear of the noises outside, Maple quickly found her new home – as our clinic cat.

For the next 4 ½ wonderful years, our beautiful Maple was spoiled and loved like she’d never known.  Maple enjoyed her new life with a full belly, lots of treats and human kindness.  She loved having a heated bed for her arthritic bones and spent her days tucked in behind our reception desk.  Maple loved to be held and would often “scream” (in her scratchy wee voice) for more pats and attention.

Sadly, on August 23, 2022, we knew the time had come to say goodbye.  Surrounded by the love of her NVS family, Maple crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Thank you, Maple for brightening our lives – you’re forever in our hearts.

Maple holds a special place in the hearts of our team at Norwood Veterinary Services. We wanted to honour her memory by sharing her story, to help pet owners who are grieving the loss of a beloved pet, and to offer guidance and support those who are struggling with knowing when and how to say good-bye.

At Norwood Veterinary Service, we understand the beautiful bonds that people develop with their pets.  We are truly grateful when people entrust us with their care and comfort, and are honoured to be there for them at the very end.

Below you will find links to additional pages with information and resources on assessing your pet’s quality of life, how our team will support you in saying good-bye, and resources available for those who are grieving.

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